Low carb pancake breakfast was a hit!

I cruise low carb recipes for hours each week, searching for ones that fall into the “omg I NEED that in my life!” category. I’ve seen these “low carb” pancake recipes all over the net. I finally decided to try them. I just wonder why I never tried them sooner. They were AMAZING! My kids ate them up too…with compliments! I added butter and sugar free Mrs. Butterworth. My 5-year-old even asked for to have them for dinner tomorrow!

I used this recipe. It made 10 silver dollar sized pancakes. Enough for me to sample as I was cooking and to feed to my 4 kids alongside eggs and sausage. Hubs fell asleep so he missed out.

I highly recommend these pancakes to everyone, particularly those who are trying to feed their family healthier food but have picky kids. Slap some syrup or berries on these and they’re (almost) guaranteed to be a hit!

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